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Best Rosacea Treatment in Lee's Summit, MO

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Rosacea is a common chronic inflammatory skin condition that causes blushing, flushing, bumps and pimples, and visible blood vessels primarily affecting the central face. It is often characterized by flare ups and can affect anyone but people at highest risk are people over the age of 30, fair skinned, people who flush or blush easily, and can potentially be hereditary. Some foods and beverages can cause flare ups of rosacea like spicy food, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol. Although the cause is currently known it is likely due to inflammatory response. While there is currently no cure for rosacea there are a lot of treatment options to lessen symptoms like oral and topical prescriptions, lifestyle changes, skin care, lasers, and sun protection.

What are the symptoms of Rosacea?

Symptoms can vary from case to case but some common signs/symptoms of rosacea are:

  • Persistent Redness: may resemble blushing or a sunburn that won't go away.

  • Skin Thickening: A less common symptom but can cause skin to thicken and enlarge most commonly on the nose (Rhinophyma).

  • Flushing: Frequent redness of the skin accompanied by heat, burning, or warmth that comes and goes. This is typically one of the 1st signs of rosacea that will develop.

  • Bumps and Pimples: Small red bumps or pustules can often develop which can look similar to acne, but will not have blackheads.

  • Visible Blood Vessels: Prominent and visible blood vessels can be seen throughout the central face.

  • Eye Irritation: people who develop ocular rosacea may experience eye redness, irritation, watery eyes, and other eye symptoms.

Other symptoms may include burning or stinging, swelling, and dryness of the skin.

What different types of Rosacea are there?

Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea

Characterized by persistent redness of the skin,flushing, visible blood vessels, and skin sensitivity on central areas of the face.

Papulopustular Rosacea

This type of Rosacea is associated with bumps and whiteheads or pustules, and is often mistaken with acne. Some flushing and redness may also be present.

Phymatous Rosacea

Characterized by skin thickening, bumpy texture, and the skin may appear swollen or discolored. Most often found on the nose and in men.

Ocular Rosacea

Affects the eyes and is characterized by watery or red eyes, itching, dryness, burning sensation, blurred vision, or sensitivity to light.

So, what is the best treatment for rosacea?

At Illumé Med Spa in Lee's Summit, MO, we have several effective treatment options for scarring. Some of these treatments include:

IPL Photo Rejuvenation

LED Light Therapy

Medical-Grade Skincare

If you are looking for a rosacea treatment in Lee's Summit, Missouri, schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more about your treatment options today!

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