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IV Therapy

Intravenous (IV) therapy is the fastest way to give your body the nutrition it needs. The process allows the vitamins to go right into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive process, to give you faster, more effective results.

IV therapies have been used by hospitals for decades, treating people who are dehydrated or too sick to eat properly. Advancements in therapies now make it possible to quickly improve vitamin deficiencies, rehydrate your body, and revitalize how you feel.

Looking for IV Therapy in Kansas City? Illumé Med Spa is conveniently located in the Kansas City Metropolitan area, in the Lakewood neighborhood of Lee's Summit, Missouri.

How IV Therapy Works

IV drip therapy is an effective way to deliver nutrients, vitamins, and medications to the body because this technique bypasses the digestive system. Supplements are administered directly into the bloodstream, making nutrients available for immediate use.

Not only does this method accelerate the effectiveness of treatment, the digestive system metabolizes supplements and significantly reduces the amount of vitamins, nutrients, and medication that actually enters the bloodstream. IV drips ensure 100% absorption for maximum effect and minimal waste.

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What IV Therapy Treats

  • Dehydration
  • Fatigue

  • Hangover

  • Nutrient Deficiency

  • Low Energy

  • Autoimmune Disease

IV Therapy Options at Illumé

NAD+ IV Therapy

Have you heard the new buzz over NAD+?


NAD+, known as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme found in every cell in our bodies. It powers more than 100 metabolic processes that impact a variety of systems including digestion, mental clarity, aging, and overall energy levels. Our bodies don’t have an endless supply of NAD+; and the amount present in our bodies decreases with age. IV NAD+ Therapy allows us to replenish our NAD+ levels. When given through an IV, it is 100% bioavailable to our cells, unlike the oral form of NAD+. This means it is immediately available for your body to start using.

What does NAD+ Therapy do?
NAD+ is involved in many cellular processes, so it has several responsibilities. Two main jobs are to repair and restore processes and reactions in your body and mind. Boosting your NAD+ levels can help restore your health naturally, enhancing your physical and mental wellbeing. Ever wonder why kids seem so much more resilient than adults? Kids still have a lot of NAD+, this is partially why their recovery and healing time is less than most adults.

NAD+ IV Infusions are the most simple, quick and effective way to provide your body with the coenzymes that are continually depleting as you age. It replenishes your body and gives it a self-care boost your cells are craving. Who couldn’t use an extra pep in their step? We know we do.

What to should I expect during my NAD+ IV Infusion?
You’ll be in a comfortable chair in one of our clinic rooms, under the care of one of our highly trained medical professionals. A trained medical professional will start an IV and answer any questions you may have. Some people feel mild side effects while others don’t feel any at all. The drip speed can be adjusted based on how you are feeling during the process, this can help with mild side effects like nausea. Some other feelings people may experience are warmth, chest heaviness, mild congestion or a stuffy nose. You are able to drive yourself to and from your NAD+ appointment, so no arrangements need to be made. It can take anywhere from 2-4 hours, this depends on the patient and the speed of the drip.


Benefits of NAD+ IV Therapy

Anyone can benefit from NAD+. It is helps your brain and body function at their best some of the benefits of NAD+ include:

  •  Anti-Aging

  • Increase Metabolic Function

  • Boost Energy

  • Improve Memory and Concentration

  • Clear Brain Fog

  • Detox and Cleanse

  • Improves Symptoms of PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and Fatigue


  • Improves Inflammation

  • Improve Mental Clarity

  • Improves Athletic Performace and Helps with Muscle Recovery

  • Supports Addiction Recovery

  • Lowers Stress

  • Helps Treat Post Covid-19 lingering Symptoms

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