EMSculpt in Lee's Summit, Missouri

What is EMSculpt?

If you’re a lover of all things non-surgical like we are, EMSculpt is the body sculpting treatment for you… it carves out your ab muscles and lifts your booty, no downtime required. Plus with EMSculpt® CONTOUR Applicators, we can treat your biceps, triceps, calves, and inner thighs. 

It’s a treatment that works beautifully on patients, both male and female, who are already living for their fitness and health focused regimen. It’s also a great kickstart for those patients who are beginning a wellness journey or getting back on track after some time away from the gym. Almost anyone can gain results from an EMSculpt Session, and we’re here to keep your gains going. 

We are happy to offer our EMSculpt Subscription Program. Below are the options of your choice to create the perfect treatment plan for the year. We recommend coming in for a treatment of six (6) up front before beginning your subscription/maintenance plan. Join us for a complimentary consultation with one of our licensed medical providers to build out the perfect regimen for your body.

How EMSculpt Works Video

Watch the Video to See How EMSculpt Works

Benefits of EmSculpt Med Gym

EmSculpt produces rapid and remarkable changes and our med gym has been built around maximizing availability and these results for all of our patients. Some of the many benefits include:

  • A toned, firm and cut look to the abs and other targeted areas
  • Lifted buttocks and firmer butt muscles
  • Sculpted upper arms and tight, defined thighs
  • Simultaneous muscle building and fat burning
  • Fast-acting and long-term results
  • Environment and equipment are safe and sterile
  • Patient-tailored fat loss, fitness and toning programs. 
  • Multiple Body Parts Options (pick and choose desired areas.)

After completing an initial series of 6 sessions, sign up for a maintenance membership.

Questions? We'd Love to Talk!

Before & After EMSculpt

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Maintenance Memberships - 3 Tiers


  • EMSculpt Maintenance 2x/month
  • Access to Spa discounts on services/product
Monthly Membership Fee: $250


  • EMSculpt Maintenance 4x/month
  • Access to Spa discounts on services/product
Monthly Membership Fee: $500


  • EMSculpt Maintenance 6x/month
  • Access to Spa discounts on services/product
  • Choose 1 per quarter:
    • Custom Dermaplane
    • Chemical Peel
    • IPL Treatment
Monthly Membership Fee: $750

For best results, EmSculpt typically requires 6 sessions over a six week span, though most patients see results after their initial EmSculpt session, and with this EmSculpt maintenance membership we are offering special extended access to our facility with long-term programs that make your fitness goals a year-round reality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

EMSculpt uses high intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to produce rapid muscle contractions that build muscle fiber. The rapid contractions require energy supplied by neighboring fat cells in a process called lipolysis, essentially destroying the fat cells around the muscle. These two simultaneous actions of building muscle while burning fat result in excellent toning of the targeted areas.

A 30-minute treatment session will yield the rough equivalent results of doing 20,000 crunches or squats. The HIFEM intensity will gradiently cycle through phases, the last of each day being a slow but powerful set of contractions that flush out lactic acid or toxins from the treatment itself. This, in part, is why EmSculpt also requires no downtime.

Though that may sound extreme, EmSculpt is in fact not painful. The sensation is unique and most patients actually laugh at the strange feeling as they quickly adjust to it. As you acclimate to its gradient degrees of forced contractions, your doctor will increase the intensity, checking to make sure you remain comfortable the whole time.

EMSculpt requires no recovery period. You may feel a bit sore in treated areas, as you would after an intense workout, but that soreness will subside in a couple of days.Toggle Content

EMSculpt was FDA cleared years ago and has proven to be completely safe. No adverse after effects have been reported. In your initial consultation with our staff, please be sure to mention any concerns or conditions that you feel may cause a problem so that we can answer those for you personally.

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